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A Biblical Interpretation For Ghostly Activity October 30, 2009

Posted by Daniel Benjamin Smith (dsmith77) in Interpretation.
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There are no ghosts. That is, no formerly living humans now disembodied are roaming the earth. The souls of the dead are either in heaven or hell while their bodies remain on earth subject to decay.

There are however demons roaming the earth. Some demons were familiar enough with particular persons in life to impersonate them in death. Also called demon familiars or simply familiars, they are mistaken for the ghosts of the deceased. Thus, psychic phenomena and spiritual powers described in the bible and elsewhere are really describing demonic activity. These ghosts/demons like to impersonate Jesus, God, good angels, Cleopatra, aliens, your dear departed aunt Sally, and anyone else they think will get a rise out of you. They often appear as beings of light to fool people into thinking they’re good beings when in reality they are our enemies.

Bottom line: There really is a Satan and he has his demon minions. They have power to interact with the physical world even though they are spiritual beings. And they honestly don’t care what we humans believe about them so long as we are turned away from the truth of Christianity.



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