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Honest to God on the Issues #000: Ground Rules November 13, 2012

Posted by Daniel Benjamin Smith (dsmith77) in Honest to God on the Issues.
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With the success of my previous post and the utter lack of understanding on the so-called Christian right regarding how Romney lost the election, I find myself inspired to post. The voices that are being heard are mostly talking heads, pundits, and the like. There are few true Christian voices out there and most are not speaking from a position of understanding. None of the talking heads quote scripture or they cherry pick verses that support their claims without including verses that speak the contrary. My recent article about John MacArthur and Romans 13 is unfortunately a very typical example.

Let’s begin by establishing some ground rules. I may return to this post and clarify these at a future date but for now here is a good starting point:

  1. References: Every statement must reference specific scripture passages and the quote must be included in the post. All scripture will be taken from online sources and a link included in the post. I shall use KJV and NIV since they are two of the most popular versions and because they have a history of their proponents being antagonistic toward one another. Any scripture in support of our points must agree across these two versions. Agreement is important. For more information read Authorized King James Version and New International Version on Wikipedia.
  2. Biblical Accuracy: This author assumes the bible, as composed of the old and new testaments, is the complete and accurate written word of God. Therefore, the bible speaks from a position of authority on all topics. Where versions differ we will drill down for a deeper understanding. Where the bible is silent we will attempt to infer its position indirectly. For more information read Biblical Infallibility on Wikipedia.
  3. Biblical Inerrancy: This author assumes the bible, as composed of the old and new testaments, is without error. Some may laugh at this claim, but I’m making it and I can reasonably back it up even scientifically. For more information on this position read Biblical Inerrancy on Wikipedia. For more information on the harmony between science and scripture visit Reasons to Believe.
  4. Others TBA

What follows is a short list of topics. My intention is to return to this post to flesh out the list and provide links to topics. You can think of it as a list of political issues too.

Future Topics

  • Violence
  • Homosexuality and Gay Rights
  • Taxes
  • Environment (Stewardship)
  • Creation and Evolution
  • Universal Health Care and Socialism
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Racism and Discrimination (sexual orientation, gender, disability, race, color, religion, or national origin)
  • Women’s Rights
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Others TBA…

Finally, why am I so interested in this? I’m writing a book. I want to know where I stand anyway, but because I’m writing a book that will deal with some difficult topics I feel it’s even more important that my grounding be as secure as possible. My intention is to work out the details of my beliefs in this series of posts and translate that into my stories.

I may not get it all right on the first try so I welcome all comments. Constructive feedback is always useful.



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